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JSC the battle of Battle of jericho book pdf. Book of Joshua holds little historical value.

God brought them out of Egypt and to the borders of the promised land of Canaan. There Moses instructed them to seize the land by conquest, and placed them under the command of Joshua. Joshua sent spies to Jericho, the first city of Canaan to be taken, and discovered that the land was in fear of Israel and their God. On the seventh day, they marched around the walls seven times. Israelites raised a great shout, and the walls of the city fell. Canaanite prostitute who had sheltered the spies, and her family.

1958 and demonstrated that the destruction occurred c. 1500 BCE during a well-attested Egyptian campaign of that period, and that Jericho had been deserted throughout the mid-late 13th century. Most scholars agree that the book of Joshua holds little of historical value. Jericho as ” founded on genuine historical sources” and “invented out of whole cloth. Who Were the Early Israelites and Where Did They Come From? Proceedings of the 15th International 14C Conference. This page was last edited on 29 November 2017, at 00:51.

Some references suggest that it was copyrighted by Jay Roberts in 1865. The Online 78 Discography entry for this record credits Jay Roberts as the author. Early published versions include some parts in dialect, such as “fit” for “fought”. However, like those of many other spirituals, the words may also be alluding to eventual escape from slavery – in the case of this song, “And the walls came tumblin’ down.