Basic concepts of economics pdf

Chapter 1 encompasses the problem of scarcity. Basic concepts of economics pdf, Opportunity Cost, Production Possibilities Frontier.

The Story of Stuff – Watch this video in prep for conducting the the activity on Changing Behaviors. Students are to use the lesson plan to complete worksheet 1. An article on how scarcity is no longer the number one question in Economics. 09 – Notes introduce the factors of production and may be used to assist in completing the “I am a Pencil” worksheets.

09 – Notes on opportunity cost and the alw of comparative advantage. 09 – Short reading students should use in order to discuss opportuity costs and law of comparative advantage. See Economics Blog for discussion. Students are to complete this chart to answer the “problem” Where am I going to college? Fill in the top of each column with the following: Cost, Location, Offerings, College Campus Environment. Use the open space in the chart to list characteristics under each criteria. Where it says “Answer” you may type your answer directly into this area.