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Debendranath was a deeply religious man. However, Tagore aimed to revive the importance of this deed. Hindu traditions prescribed, but instead continued to enjoy them in a spirit of detachment. The family has produced several persons who have contributed substantially in the fields of business, social and religious reformation, literature, art and music. He initiated shorthand and musical notations in Bengali.

He wrote extensively and translated Kalidasa’s Meghdoot into Bengali. Indian to join the Indian Civil Service. At the same time he was a scholar. He was a “doer” of his Tagore generation and worthy successor to his grandfather Dwarkanath and father. He sided with his “conservative” siblings Dwijendranath and Birendranath in the family disputes against “modern” Satyendranath, Jyotindranath and Rabindranath.

A Nobel laureate in Literature, his poems have been adopted as national anthems of India and Bangladesh. Rabindranath founded the Vishwabharathi University in the Shantiniketan Estate acquired by his father. Soudamini was one of the first students of Bethune School and a gifted writer. Swarnakumari was a gifted writer, editor, song-composer and social worker. All of them were famous for their beauty and education.

Bengal took a leading role on the cultural front as well as on the nationalistic one, in the Renaissance in India during the nineteenth century. Prayer Hall, built by Debendranath Tagore in 1863, Santiniketan. But even earlier, deeply affected in childhood by the death of his grandmother to whom he was greatly attached, Debendranath was drawn to religion and began contemplating the meaning and nature of life. In the same year, he revived the Brahma Sabha, fallen in vigour and following since the death of Ram Mohan Roy in 1833. The Brahmo Sabha was formally absorbed into the Tattwabodhini Sabha and renamed as Calcutta Brahma Samaj.

The day Pous 7 of the Bengali calendar is commemorated as the foundation day of the Samaj. The Patrika became the organ of the Samaj and continued publication till 1883. Hindu sage of the 19th century who paid Debendranath a visit. In 1843, Debendranath Tagore became the leading force of the Brahmo Sabha, which he renamed to Brahmo Samaj. Debendranath wished to changed the goal of Brahmoism to act as a vehicle for theological and social renewal. In opposition to the founder of the Brahmo Movement under Rammohun Roy who expressed Unitarinism and Universalism, Debenranath wished to assert the cultural and theological primacy of Vedantic Hinduism.

Maharshi Debendranath Tagore was one of the greatest religious geniuses this country ever produced. He was truly a successor of the great rishis of old. His nature was essentially spiritual. He was a devout follower of the Upanishadic rishis, but was no pantheist on that account. Debendranath in spite of his real sainthood never put on the grab or habits of sadhu or saint.