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Studies show antioxidants and melatonin can be used to reduce damage from wireless technologies. Vitamin D is also a common deficiency in EHS electrohypersensitivity. The good news is that some foods and supplements can provide some protection against wireless health effects. The best solution, anticancer book david servan schreiber pdf, is still to reduce EMF exposures to begin with, because EMF not only leads to biological damage, but also to reduced ability to repair this damage.

Disclaimer: The author is not a physician. Please check with your physician before making changes to your diet. Both food and vitamins may be subject to varying quality, depending upon increasing use of GMO and pesticides, contaminated or depleted soils, artificial vitamins and fillers, and should be chosen with care. Vitamins C, E, flavonoids, etc. In particular, vitamin C is said to offer protection to aqueous, or watery areas of the cell from oxidative damage.

Meanwhile, vitamin E, is said to offer protection to the fatty areas of the cell from oxidative damage, such as the cell membrane, and may therefore help protect nerve membranes. For the antioxidant vitamin C, eat plenty of organic non-GMO fruits, especially berries like the wild blueberry. Russell Blaylock recommends to avoid combining vitamin-C rich foods with foods with high aluminum content, like tea, or high iron content, to avoid increasing one’s absorption of these metals. For the antioxidant vitamin E, almonds are a good source, if they are not treated by irradiation.