Angry birds piano pdf

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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044127. French studio Cube Creative providing some of the animation. As of June 2016, the whole programme combined had been viewed more than 1 billion times. A pig finds a trampoline with a sign warning not to use.

He jumps anyway for a bit, but after a rest, he notices his weight is stretching the trampoline downward, and then he is flung to the ceiling where he is stuck along with other pigs. Another pig arrives and it repeats. A construction pig climbs a makeshift spiral staircase to work on top of a tower of crates. When he drops his mallet, another construction pig picks it up and swaps it for a hand saw. When the first pig returns, he is confused, but picks up the saw and climbs back to the top to use it. He then falls from the tower along with the saw. A small spaceship lands next to a pig, and a tiny alien pig comes out of it.

The tiny alien pig converses with the big pig, who then starts laughing, but then the tiny pig gets back in its spaceship and flies it into the big pig’s mouth. The big pig’s eyes glow and it starts floating and flies off. Two pigs are on a seesaw but one of the pigs is too big to move. The other pig tries various schemes to help lift the big pig up, mostly by attaching more and more rockets. When he lights a whole array of them, the rockets fly up and then all come crashing down in a big explosion, which finally sends both of them flying up in the air. Then the pigs jump on the hole and hover, until the air stops blowing and they fall.

Some time later they are spit out of the hole. A pig pushes a button on a box, which makes a sound and then a crashing noise. The pig finds this very amusing and pushes it several times until he gets bored. He walks around and discovers a bunch of pigs that have been smashed in on the ground. Then he hears the sound and a weight from above almost smashes him. He dodges several of these, then giggles, but then it got smashed in as another pig has pushed the button.

A pig poses in front of a wood-framed mirror. Then another pig arrives and calls the pig in the mirror over, who then leaves. The first pig sits there embarrassed. When another pig arrives, the first pig drops the tube and leaves but the second pig is attached to the back of the first pig. Another pig comes and ends up attached to the pigs.

He tries to increase his reach by standing on a stool, but it fails. Eventually he brings a cannon and shoots it up to try to stop the ball, but it brings down a piano and a pig, who then continues playing and singing the opera music. A pig wearing a bucket for a helmet swings around a wooden sword pretending to be in a sword fight when he bumps into an anvil suspended in midair by a balloon. At first he pokes around the bottom of the anvil but nothing happens.

Then he stands on the anvil and cuts the string from the balloon but nothing happens. Then the balloon falls on him with the force of the anvil and smashes him, and then pops. A pig finds a push button, this time on top of a crate. After several attempts, he jumps on top and lands on the button, but then he finds that the crate has rotated. He pushes the button again, but the entire floor rotates at different angles.

He struggles to climb back to push the button several more times until the “floor” with the crate is the ceiling, but then the crate falls on him, causing the button to be pushed again and send the whole thing spinning. However, one of the pigs transforms the pig into a mirror, and on the second waving of the wand, the spell bounces off the mirror and transforms the caster into an umbrella. Two pigs take turns taking a deep breath and holding it, puffing themselves up to see which pig is bigger. One takes such a big breath that the other pig leaves and returns with a cork to plug up the first pig’s mouth. When the first pig starts floating like a balloon, the second pig uncorks the mouth, and the first pig deflates and flies around, landing in a splat. The second pig drops the cork and walks away. Two pigs are hanging out by a crate.