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His books have all your works shall praise you pdf more than 250 million copies worldwide. He rose to prominence in the 1940s with works for both children and adults and he became one of the world’s best selling authors. He has been referred to as “one of the greatest storytellers for children of the 20th century”. Children’s Author of the Year in 1990.

Dahl 16th on its list of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945”. His books champion the kind-hearted, and feature an underlying warm sentiment. Norway, and settled in Cardiff in the 1880s. His mother came over and married his father in 1911. His first language was Norwegian, which he spoke at home with his parents and his sisters Astri, Alfhild and Else.

With the option of returning to Norway to live with relatives, Dahl’s mother decided to remain in Wales, because Harald had wished to have their children educated in British schools, which he considered the world’s best. His time at St Peter’s was an unpleasant experience for him. He was very homesick and wrote to his mother every week but never revealed to her his unhappiness. Only after her death in 1967 did he find out that she had saved every single one of his letters, in small bundles held together with green tape. Donald Sturrock’s biography of Dahl.

This caused Dahl to “have doubts about religion and even about God”. He was never seen as a particularly talented writer in his school years, with one of his English teachers writing in his school report “I have never met anybody who so persistently writes words meaning the exact opposite of what is intended. Along with the only two other Shell employees in the entire territory, he lived in luxury in the Shell House outside Dar es Salaam, with a cook and personal servants. 16 other men, of whom only three others survived the war. The undercarriage hit a boulder and the aircraft crashed, fracturing his skull, smashing his nose and temporarily blinding him. He managed to drag himself away from the blazing wreckage and passed out. He wrote about the crash in his first published work.

There he fell in and out of love with a nurse, Mary Welland. Dahl engaged in aerial combat over Greece. In February 1941, Dahl was discharged from hospital and passed fully fit for flying duties. Dahl flew a replacement Hurricane across the Mediterranean Sea in April 1941, after seven hours flying Hurricanes.

On 16 April in another air battle, he shot down another Ju-88. Of 12 Hurricanes involved, five were shot down and four of their pilots killed, including Pattle. Dahl described it as “an endless blur of enemy fighters whizzing towards me from every side”. In May, as the Germans were pressing on Athens, Dahl was evacuated to Egypt.