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By the end of Akbar’s reign, local folk tales emerged involving his interactions with Akbar, portraying him as being extremely clever and witty. As the tales gained popularity in India, he became even more of a legendary figure across the Indian subcontinent. These tales involve him outsmarting rival courtiers and sometimes even Akbar, using only his intelligence and cunning, often with giving witty and humorous responses and impressing Akbar birbal stories pdf free download. From the twentieth century onwards, plays, films and books based on these folk tales were made, some of these are in children’s comics and school textbooks.

However, no historical evidence attests that Birbal influenced Akbar by his witticisms. His father was Ganga Das and mother, Anabha Davito. Akbar was known to give his Hindu courtiers titles based on their cultural background. The details and year of his first meeting with Akbar and his employment at the court are disputed to be between 1556 and 1562. Emperor within a few years of his appointment. Akbar gave titles to his Hindu subjects according to their traditions and S.

This featured a courtier called Vir Var who showed great loyalty to his king. Akbar was also fond of literature, having works of Sanskrit and other local languages translated into Persian. Soon Birbal played the role of a religious advisor, military figure and close friend of the Emperor, serving him for 30 years. Despite having no military background, he often participated in Akbar’s campaigns and was given leadership positions, like Todar Mal, who was an advisor in economic matters. Abdul Qadir Badayuni were historians of the court. Akbar’s other orthodox Muslim advisers were known to dislike Birbal.