Adultery paulo coelho free pdf

Catherine the Great received some boxes of freshly harvested oranges in the dead cold of winter. The note that came with it adultery paulo coelho free pdf they were from a distant port.

See what we are capable of bringing to you? We need your help to grow even more. Impressed, she sent a massive amount of money so that this port could develop further. It is the sixteenth major book by Coelho, and touches on the theme of adultery. Spanish edition was published on August 19, 2014. A woman around her thirties begins to question the routine and predictability of her days.

In everybody’s eyes, she has a perfect life: a solid and stable marriage to a rich and loving husband, sweet and well-behaved children and a job as a journalist she can’t complain about. However, she can no longer bear the necessary effort to fake happiness when all she feels in life is an enormous apathy, boredom and depression. All that changes when she encounters an ex-boyfriend from her adolescence. Jacob is now a successful politician and, during an interview, he ends up arousing something in her she hadn’t felt for a long time: passion. She will now do anything to conquer that impossible love, and will have to go down to the pit of human emotions to finally find her redemption. Ah, but I haven’t introduced myself.

Pleased to meet you, my name’s Linda. I arouse desire in men and envy in other women. And yet, every morning, when I open my eyes to this ideal world that everyone dreams of having but few achieve, I know the day will be a disaster. The book has hit Amazon’s Best Sellers rank in Fiction category.