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Front page of the U. 1970, when they were again exhumed, cremated, and the ashes scattered. One eyewitness stated that Hitler’s corpse showed signs of having been shot through the mouth, but this has been proven unlikely. There is also controversy regarding the authenticity of skull and jaw fragments that were recovered. Soviet officials had long believed to be that of Hitler.

The tests and examination revealed that the skull was actually that of a woman less than 40 years old. The recovered jaw fragments were not tested. By early 1945, Germany’s military situation was on the verge of total collapse. 11 February to discuss the conclusion of the war in Europe. Berlin on 16 January 1945.

18 April, leaving the path open for American forces to reach Berlin. By 19 April the Germans were in full retreat from Seelow Heights, leaving no front line. Berlin had not been obeyed. Hitler announced that he would stay in Berlin until the end and then shoot himself. Later that day he asked SS physician Dr. Reich in accordance with Hitler’s 1941 decree naming Göring his successor.

Hitler that Göring was threatening a coup. In response, Hitler informed Göring that he would be executed unless he resigned all of his posts. Later that day, he sacked Göring from all of his offices and ordered his arrest. By 27 April, Berlin was cut off from the rest of Germany. During the afternoon his anger and bitterness escalated into a rage against Himmler.