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Unsourced material may be challenged and acura integra owners manual pdf. February 19, 1996 to 1999, and from 2000 to 2003. TL in 1996, which directly replaced the Vigor, the CL is more precisely a TL coupé.

The CL was not a direct replacement for the Legend coupé as it no longer shared the same chassis as its sedan counterpart, and was not made in Japan, unlike the RL. With the release of the TL and 3. Although the CL was considered to be a satisfactory vehicle, it never gained traction or popularity like the other Acura coupés. 1998-1999 Acura CL — 04-11-2012 2. For the 1997 model year, early models having been licensed as 1996 models, the CL was offered with either a 3.

The 1998 and 1999 models featured a 2. The alloy wheel design was different on the 3. 3 CL used a six-spoke design for 1997, then moved to a 5-spoke double-prong design for 1998 and 1999. The CL also featured Galvanized body panels which helps to prevent rust. For the 1999 model year, the Acura CL’s sibling, the TL, was redesigned.

The CL, however, was never produced as a 2000 model and instead in March 2000 the completely redesigned Acura CL was released as a 2001 model featuring a 3. A navigation system was also available along with the Type-S model, denoting Acura’s ‘Sport’ edition. V6 with 17-inch wheels, a firmer suspension, slightly larger brakes, and firmer seats. At the time, the Type-S was the most powerful front wheel drive vehicle Honda had ever manufactured. The 6-speed CL deleted some minor interior features from the automatic, such as a center console light.

VSA and TCS were also not found on the 6-speed car, and as such, a 3-channel ABS unit was used. One of the main criticisms of the CL was that a manual transmission had been dropped when the car was redesigned for the 2001 model year. 2,691 without navigation and 820 with navigation, for a total of 3,511. Despite such small numbers of manual transmissions, there was still a greater demand than Acura had expected. The 6-speed car was highly praised by critics, with one calling it “the high point of Acura performance outside the NSX and Integra Type-R”. Total Acura CL sales from 2000 until 2003, when the last new model was sold, was less than 31,000 units.

MY 2003 also saw cosmetic changes to the CL. 02 models were deleted, and non-functional air vents were installed in their place. The 2003 models also saw new headlights which now featured a blacked-out interior, and the taillight lenses had a cleared turn signal and reverse light. Revised thicker exhaust tips were also a new addition. A specially designed Eaton twin-screw Roots-type supercharger was coupled with numerous suspension, exhaust, braking and drivetrain enhancements. 0 to 60 times of the coupe were reduced from 6.

0 seconds on a stock Type S to 5. 7 seconds with the modifications. 31,050 base price of the CL Type S. Reports say that after an average of around 40,000 miles, the transmission experiences gear failures, such as downshifts, slipping, flaring and not shifting, and leaking. One main cause is excessive wear of the 3rd gear clutch pack, resulting in large amounts of debris blocking the flow of transmission fluid. Many owners reported problems with the replacement transmissions as well.

Many replacement rebuilt units had problems. Despite the conversion to kilometers, the class action settlement applies only for persons and entities residing in the United States. In addition, there was an unrelated transmission recall for safety reasons. One gear tended to overheat, break and cause the transmission to lock up. Since this failure would cause the car to come to a sudden stop, this might cause accidents.

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