2008 mini cooper service manual pdf

2014 MINI Cooper Hardtop — NHTSA test 8883 – front. 2000, with a second generation launched in 2006 and a third generation model launched in 2014. A convertible version was introduced 2008 mini cooper service manual pdf 2004, with the second generation following in 2008.

The new model built by BMW is technically unrelated to the former. The first new generation Mini Hatch was introduced in late 2000, being the first model launched under the Mini marque after the original Mini was discontinued in the same year. In some European markets, the Mini One was powered by a 1. The Cooper S also has twin exhausts which exit under the centre of the rear valance. Mini One and has a single exhaust. The Mini One D has no visible exhaust pipes at all. In some markets, such as Australia and the US, only the Mini Cooper and Cooper S are offered.

Other trim lines of note, sold in varying markets around the world, are the Mini Seven, Mini Park Lane, Mini Check Mate, and Mini Monte Carlo. Rover wanted a straight economy car, whilst BMW supported a small, sporting car. When BMW sold off Rover in 2000, it retained the Mini project, and moved the planned production site of the car from Rover’s Longbridge plant, to BMW’s Oxford plant in Cowley, Oxford, England. The team of designers working on the 2001 Mini had finished the full-sized clay mock-up of the Mini in plenty of time for a presentation to the board of directors. However, the American chief designer, Frank Stephenson, realised that the model did not have an exhaust pipe. His short-term solution was to pick up an empty beer can, punch a hole in it, strip off the paint and push it into the clay at the back of the car, which took just a few minutes.